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Here's Just A Fraction Of What You Will Learn:
  • How you can set up your own award winning “half million dollar” talk and start building authority as a capable speaker on stage or virtually.
  • ​How to convince REAL people. Not just hypothetical customers you’ve never met… I’ll teach you how to talk to YOUR customers RIGHT NOW! 
  • ​ How to speak with confidence 
  • How your stories can be filled with more substance, structure, a style of your own, and the core principles YOU want to relay to your audience.
  • ​Get an in-depth look into my own personal process on how I created my winning style of speaking.
  • ​The secret to become a powerful speaker is to be that person when taking an action and planning your live or virtual event.
  • ​​ For the first 100 attendees I'll gift a bonus book to further improve your journey to becoming an internationally highly sought out speaker.
  • ​How I do my sales… I’ll show you my frame to pitch from stage or at a virtual event without being sales-y and get uncomfortable when transitioning into presenting your $10k+ offer.​ 
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