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  • Why you need to be speaking NOW (and what makes it the fastest way to get clients & build your fan base and brand) (page 10)
  • ​Everything you need to know about your ideal clients (and how to get them lining up to work with you) (page 33)
  • ​4 ways to easily memorize your “hot talk” (so you can speak with confidence and portray yourself as an industry expert) (page 62)
  • ​ How to confidently craft a “hot talk” from A-Z (and use it over and over again to attract clients by the dozen) (page 47)
  • ​ My top tips to show up on stage like a BOSS (and make your audience fall in love with you) (page 65)
  • ​ The top 10 things you need to do to achieve your full potential (and finally live out your dream of becoming a rich & influential entrepreneur) (page 73)
  • ​ How to get booked to speak across the country (and become a “regular” speaker) (page 38)
  • ​My 5-step Moxley Method (that nearly guarantees signing 3-5 “soulmate” clients every time you speak) (page 82)
  • ​My best 3 tips for moving people to ACTION with your seminar story (and make sales on the spot) (page 17)
  • ​ How to speak to your clients’ vision with the “gap formula” (so they’ll see your programs as the ultimate solution to their problems) (page 55)
  • ​An unconventional trick to make people like, know, and trust you (and why it’s 100% necessary to SELL your brand!) (page 60)
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CREATING YOUR SEMINAR STORY : It’s impossible to truly SELL without a powerful seminar story. That’s why I’ve created a course entirely dedicated to crafting a story that will instantly make your audience like, know, trust, and BEG to work with you! We’ll dive into your personal story to create a powerful signature talk you can repurpose throughout all your marketing channels with ease. You’ll learn my special process for magnetizing ideal clients, exactly how to cash in on your past & make GREAT money doing it, and how to overcome your fears and start allowing abundance into your life. PLUS, I’m going to GIVE you my “108 Ways to Attract Clients Now!” report that’s chock full of 108 actionable ideas to get your next 30 clients in 30 days! You can get instant access to all of this for just $37. Check YES to add this to your order now. (This offer is not available at ANY other time or place.)