“5 Steps Every Coach Needs to Become a Standout Speaker, Attract the Right Clients, & Book 2-5 New Clients with Every Talk You Deliver!"
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“5 Steps Every Coach Needs to Become a Standout Speaker, Attract the Right Clients, & Book 2-5 New Clients with Every Talk You Deliver!"
Here's a tiny taste of what I’m going to walk you through on this webinar…..
  • My 5 step 'Moxley Method' process to attract 3-5 ideal epic soul mate clients with every talk you deliver
  • ​How to confidently craft your signature talk from a to z & use it as a client attraction magnet
  • ​How you can use the power of your unique “story” & create your own 'premium programs', give yourself a raise & make a bigger impact in your clients lives
  • ​I share with you my entire ‘Moxley Method’ - my mindset, strategy, structure & system behind my consistent multiple 6 figure biz, all the deets revealed….
  • ​Exclusive Bonus ($97 Value): Get my $830,000 Talk Template! 
"My results are certainly not typical and the average person who attends any training does not take any JFDI (just f'in do it) action! This is NOT for "get rich quick" seekers or people with a poor work ethic."

Hi, I’m Amanda Moxley, International Business Coach for Speakers. I lead big hearted entrepreneurs on a mission with a vision to create soulful and sold out profitable live events, workshops, retreats and speaking gigs so they can joyfully fill their coaching businesses in 72 hours or less! (While bonding with their tribe and making bank).    

With over 16 years of experience speaking, coaching, mentoring & building a business online and offline, I help you get visible, unleash your voice, open your heart to receive and speak your way to success.      

I have countless degrees and certificates after my name but what I’m most proud of (besides home birthing two big babies ) is that I have been an entrepreneur running a successful business for over 15 years. 

I’ve hosted over six 6 figure+ events. I’ve been featured on TV, print media and online media. 

I’m happily married to my soul man and partner in love Johnn of 18 years! And I feel like I’m just getting started! I can’t wait to teach you how to have it all - your way! 
See what some of my speaking students have said:
"I am so glad I did Show Up and Shine. It really pushed and inspired me to elevate my visibility to the next level. With Get Visible and Make Bank Amanda provided us with a detailed step by step guide on how to create an amazing talk using vulnerability, authentic sharing, and adding massive value. I realized with that experience that I had more talent than I was giving myself credit for." 

Nancy Da Costa 
"I had a great time working with Amanda. Speaking at her Get Visible and Make Bank program helped me get over my fear of speaking in public which plagued me most of my life. She guided me through how to structure my talk in a way that was easy to follow, very professional and very organized. This confidence has allowed my to more than double my health coaching practice. I use what I learned every day to continue to build my business. There is nothing better than being able to speak with confidence!!"

Cathi Ketterling, Pharm D ABAAHP
"By the time I worked with Amanda Moxley in Show up and Shine, I had been getting visions of speaking on stage for months but wasn't clear on where or how. Choosing to show up and shine at her event was such the right decision. I felt so clearly supported both before, during and after the event. I felt I was exactly where I was supposed to be and as a result of feeling safe and prepared I increased my subscribers and had two successful launches. Having to choose a theme and a title for my talk challenged me to really focus on who I wanted to serve and what I could help them with. This proved to really be invaluable. It helped me feel I could speak on stage and gave me a sense of self confidence nothing else had before. I went on to successful sell two materminds and I'm feeling ready to do more talks with Amanda's encouragment and magical shining energy still with me."   

Alixe Tracey
alixektracey. com
"Before working with Amanda Moxley, I was stuck launching something in my business several times a year. My business was thriving but I had little time and freedom. I felt stuck in a business model that wasn’t sustainable. I couldn’t keep working like that. 
Amanda provided the strategy and structures of how to run a large scale event as well as the critical mindset pieces and the belief that I could bring together my tribe for a successful event. Amanda’s support and guidance was priceless and helped me host my first event with over 140 women from all over the world including 10 countries in gorgeous Miami, Florida where we sold out my 12 month Mentorship Program and provided well over a 6 figure pay day for me AND now I have more freedom and less stress in my business. 
Amanda cares more for her clients than any coach I know. She’s real, powerful, and exactly what you need to create a free and abundant life."

Carolin Soldo 
Success Coach 
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