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My $650k Signature Talk Framework Revealed
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How do you talk, convince, and empower other people with words? So much that you’ll make $650k from just one talk. 

Yep, that’s my story. 
We’ll take a deep dive on some tried and true techniques that cut through all the fog and go straight to the hearts of your listeners. Whether you’re a seasoned influencer or planning to build a career as a powerful and motivational speaker, this workshop has something that will add to your arsenal of compelling speeches.

If you are someone who:

  • Has purchased a lot of self-help books to get over your fear of being seen on big stages but hasn’t had the time to finish all of them
  • Wants to improve your public speaking skills exponentially but don’t have the confidence to go out and get speaking gigs let alone make $650k from one talk
  • Thinks that you are ready to become the best self you can be and motivate and influence thousands of people with your message
...then let me help you become the speaker and influencer that you really are! 

YOU have something to say and I’ll help you share it with the people who are waiting for you to capture their hearts and minds.
Imagine this…
You’re on your way to your big event. A conference.
You are the star speaker and you’re ready to motivate your audience of thousands of people.
They’re all waiting for you to head on stage.

You get your tee up and you’re introduced… you head on stage and they all cheer for you looking forward to the words you are about to tell them.

Just imagine…

Now, imagine turning that into a reality!

Speak Your Way To Success Online, isn’t just another workshop. Don’t take my word for it though. I have a lot of people who have been transformed with this amazingly simple method. 

Yes, I hear you saying... but all events have been canceled due to a global pandemic. No one is going to book me as a speaker right now.

That's why you want to be prepared, have your signature talk ready that you've practiced online on many online summits and virtual events before you head on to your next big speaking event as soon as they are being hosted again.

One thing is for sure... every crisis is going to pass and you want to be prepared when the time arises with plenty of training in hosting and attending virtual events and workshops such as this one.

With the SPEAK YOUR WAY TO SUCCESS ONLINE WORKSHOP you'll create your signature talk that you use repeatedly online or on stage.

In this workshop, I’ll be revealing:

  • How to discover a new niche and a new plane is crashing problem so you can solve a specific problem that is currently happening in challenging times.
  • How the market is shifting and how to position yourself in a way that stands out from the competition and that focuses your strengths, gifts and successes. 
  • Create your own Path/ Method/ System that gets your clients proven results so you can close $10k+ clients from virtual and live events because you know you can deliver.
  • How to hold virtual and live events and speak with confidence that get people to take action and say yes to transforming their life and business with you as their mentor.

Back in the day, I didn’t know ANYTHING about talking to a crowd… let alone, enrolling $10k+ clients from the stage or virtual events.

It took me hours and hours of learning, trial and error, and a couple hundred thousand invested in my own training to get there.

Thousands of lost clients.
Thousands of hours wasted.
Thousands of dollars spent....

...just to learn the secrets I want to share with you.

The best part of this workshop? It won’t take you those thousands of hours or money to get all the knowledge I am about to teach you. It’s way easier to get into it than you think.

In this workshop, you’ll learn the very foundational pieces that took me years to learn. You’ll learn how to speak with confidence and to capture your listeners' hearts so they can’t get enough of you and ask how they can continue to work with you.

Yes, selling $10k+ offers on your virtual or live events is no longer just a dream.

DON’T learn it the hard way. Take MY $650k SIGNATURE TALK FRAMEWORK REVEALED and get the support without wasting your precious time and money.

While we are going to be integrating this workshop into a separate video format for everyone to enjoy live or recorded, early bird registrations get a special surprise!


I'll gift a bonus book to further improve your journey to becoming an internationally highly sought out speaker.

Take the bull by the horns and start becoming the motivator, the teacher, the mentor, the influencer and highly paid mentor you are destined to be.

Signature Talk
You’ll learn… step by step how one talk made me over $650k. You’ll learn how you can set up your own award winning “half million dollar” talk and start building authority as a professional speaker.

I’ll teach you exactly how you go from FREE speeches to making your first professional gig as a speaker… then transition from that to getting paid thousands of dollars for your offers that you are selling during live or virtual events.
Seminar Story
Aside from helping you build your confidence to speak, I’ll be teaching you ways on how your stories can be filled with more substance, structure, a style of your own, and the core principles YOU want to relay to your audience.

This way, your talk doesn’t just go out the other ear of your listeners… it sticks with them long after they've left the event.

You’ll be able to start saying things that mean something to your audience and not just another pep talk

Signature System

Get an in-depth look into my own personal process on how I created my signature talk. Learn the flow of how I do it and be able to implement these newfound techniques to build your talks and seminars stronger.

Signature Program

On top of building a concrete structured system for your talk (which even extends to your own business model too!) you’ll learn how to package it neatly into a high-ticket offer for your audience that you can sell at your live or virtual events. Just imagine how you are closing ten clients at $10K each on one day without wasting hours on sales calls talking to unqualified prospects and instead walking away with a 6-figure payday after your event.

Become a Sales Angel

Have you ever heard of the phrase, “the devil is in the details”? Well, I’ll be teaching you some “white hat” sales. I’m sure you’ve probably seen commercials or heard or seen ads that are outright scammy or sale-sy. That’s not how I do my sales! I’ll show you a method that generates almost all my sales in all my programs without those unethical sales schemes that a lot of people hate and that has your dream clients eagerly say yes to take the next step with you.

Bulletproof Money Mindset

The secret to manifesting the results you want is to believe in something concrete. Believe in a money mindset that’s so strong, you’ll start generating money the moment you say “YES” to receive. I’ll teach you an easy-to-follow technique that, not only changes your money mindset but turns your thinking and concept of money into a bulletproof ATM.
Client Success Stories
It’s not only me… here are a few people that are hosting highly profitable virtual and live events and walk away with a 6-figure payday. Are you going to be my next testimonial?
“Before working with Amanda Moxley, I was stuck launching something in my business several times a year. My business was thriving but I had little time and freedom. I felt stuck in a business model that wasn’t sustainable. I couldn’t keep working like that.

Amanda provided the strategy and structures of how to run a large scale event as well as the critical mindset pieces and the belief that I could bring together my tribe for a successful event. Amanda’s support and guidance was priceless and helped me host my first event with over 140 women from all over the world including 10 countries in gorgeous Miami, Florida where we sold out my 12 month Mentorship Program and provided well over a 6 figure pay day for me AND now I have more freedom and less stress in my business.

Amanda cares more for her clients than any coach I know. She’s real, powerful, and exactly what you need to create a free and abundant life.”   

Carolin Soldo - Success Coach

“Before I started Amanda’s SPEAK YOUR WAY TO SUCCESS, I felt lost in how to create compelling signature talks from my story. I knew I had something powerful to share with women, but I lacked the knowledge regarding how to produce the end product that I want to deliver from the stage.

Not only was I able to produce these talks in Speak Your Way to Success, but I also have a new level of confidence and excitement about delivering my message. In this program, I became clear about who my audience is, what drives them, and why my programs and services will absolutely serve them. 

This program provided me with the exact tools I needed to bring my story to my audience. Amanda’s program exceeded all of my expectations. Not only was I able to create my talks and my program, but I was also able to make long-lasting connections with other speakers just like me.

I highly recommend SPEAK YOUR WAY TO SUCCESS to anyone who has a message they want to share and a service they want to provide. This is exactly what you need! I took a leap of faith and it was worth every penny!”

Charlene Byars 

Do you want to create your own $650 signature talk and enroll $10k+ clients from LIVE AND virtual eventS? 
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